Ammouliani, Halkidiki, is the only inhabited island of central Macedonia with a permanent population (600 inhabitants). It is located in the bay of Mount Athos. It is 130 km away from Thessaloniki and is connected by ferry to the opposite coast of Tripiti (Ammouliani – Tripiti 2 nautical miles). Ship itineraries are at regular intervals throughout the day.

It has an area of ​​4.5 square kilometers. Hills and small valleys alternate on the surface of the island, which is overgrown with olive trees and low vegetation.
Systematic cultivations are not done with the result that the ecosystem remains untouched.

The coasts alternate forming coves with beautiful sandy beaches.
The weather conditions are not characterized by intense changes and it should be noted that especially in summer the winds are weak. The inhabitants are mainly engaged in fishing and tourism. There is a plethora of rooms to let and hotels.

Until 1925 the island was part of the Vatopedi Monastery of Mount Athos, where 2-3 monks lived who managed the real estate and were assisted by about 20 workers from the surrounding area. They were engaged in cultivating fields, grazing animals and picking olives. At the beginning of 1925 the island was granted to refugees from Asia Minor and specifically from the islands of the Propontis (Gallimi – Pasalimani – Skoupia).

Coming from these areas adjacent to Istanbul, they brought with them their culture, customs and traditions. Having the knowledge of the sea, they were mainly engaged in fishing and managed in a few years to stand out in this field.

The main beaches that one can enjoy the sea are: ALYKES, MEGALI AMMOS, AI GEORGE, KARAGATSI, FAKA, TSASKA, ISLANDS and many more no less beautiful.

Tourism is one of the main occupations of the inhabitants. Every year Ammouliani receives thousands of visitors from all over Greece and abroad. Main features are the natural beauty of the island, the crystal clear seas, the fresh fish and the hospitality. The island has a plethora of rooms to let, studios, apartments and hotels. There is also a camping.

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